Icare Vision specialists has offers for customers who has NHS support the cost of their glasses. Ask your optician about whether you are eligible when you have an eye test.

Many people are also entitled to free eye examinations.
  • Under-16s.
  • Under 19-s in full-time education.
  • Over 60s.
  • People (or partners of people) who receive certain benefits.
  • Holders (or partners of holders) of an exemption certificate(HC2).
  • People who need certain complex lenses.
  • People diagnosed diabetic or with glaucoma.
  • People aged 40 or over who are the brother, sister or child of a diagnosed glaucoma patient.

Everyone should have an eye examination every two years as it is a vital health check. If you are eligible for free NHS eye examinations and it is less than two years since your last test. So you should check with your optician when you make an appointment to find out if you can have another free NHS eye examination. The NHS will routinely pay for more frequent eye examinations for certain groups of people - for example:

  • If you have diabetes.
  • If you are aged 40 or over and have a family history of glaucoma.
  • If you are over 70.
  • Or if you are having particular problems with your vision.

If it is less than two years since your last test and you have any concerns about your vision or eye health, then talk to your optician to find out if you may be eligible for a free NHS eye examination.Ask your optician about NHS glasses support when you have an eye examination or to find out more, contact the NHS at www.nhs.uk, or your local health authority.

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