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We take vision seriously. Which is why an Eye Test is the most important service we provide.

To maintain good eye health and vision, it is important to have your eyes tested every two years or more frequently if advised. You should seek advice immediately if you have any sudden loss of vision, eye pain, inflammation, or irritation.

Most eye diseases can be found during a routine eye test and treated when detected at an early stage. If you have health problems, such as diabetes, you may need to visit your Optometrist more frequently to detect any complications.

The Technology

Although the names may be unfamiliar, these are the equipment used most often in an Eye Test. If you have any questions about our testing equipment, your Optometrist will be happy to explain.

Applanation method Slit-lamp exam
Corneal and retinal topography Tonometry
Fluorescein angiogram Ultrasound
Pupillary dilation test Visual acuity testing
Refraction test visual field test

Eye Health Services

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Eye Conditions

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