Daily Disposables
One of the most popular lenses available on the market today is daily disposables. They take the hassle away from contact lens wear and are ideal for people with active lifestyles, or for the occasional wearer. These lenses are designed to be worn for a day and then thrown away. There is no cleaning and no storage, hence, no bother. We hold large stocks of Acuvue 1Day, Focus Dailies and Soflens 1Day contact lenses on the premises. They are available at competitive prices and can be collected, posted or biked to your work, whichever is more convenient!

Fortnightly and Monthly Soft Contact Lenses
For those worried about the pennies, we supply fortnightly and monthly replacement soft contact lenses that are more cost effective and are better suited for complicated prescriptions. It is important to remember that these types of lenses require regular cleaning, but with the progression of solution technology this routine is often quick and effortless.

High Oxygenating Lenses
Today's lifestyles demand high oxygenating lenses. Johnson & Johnson and Ciba Vision have introduced a new category of contact lens. The moisture rich elements in Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear and the O2 Optix lenses deliver more oxygen to the eye, keeping the eyes looking whiter and fresher, are more resistant to drying out, therefore providing longer lasting comfort.

Bifocal and multifocal contact lenses
People that require both distance and reading prescriptions can now be fitted with bifocal and multifocal contact lenses. We can also correct your astigmatism with toric lenses, giving you freedom from your spectacles. These lens types are all available as daily, fortnightly and monthly replacement

Soft coloured contact lenses
Soft coloured contact lenses are the latest in fun and fashion and are available in a range of stunning colours so you can change your look or make an impact, whether you need corrective lenses or not!

Continuous wear (30 days)
The idea of waking up and seeing perfectly 24hours a day is what most people with sight correction would love to have. At iCare we can fit you with contact lenses made of a revolutionary new material called silicone hydrogel which allows 6 times more oxygen to pass through to your eye than a standard lens. These are safe for you to wear for up to 30 days and nights, even while you are sleeping. Continuous wear lenses are ideal for people that don't want the hassle of inserting and removing their lenses.

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